Tankless Water Heater Question

Hi Dave, I’m a homeowner with a family of four. I’m currently in the market for a new water heater, to support a house with two full bathrooms. Can a tankless water heater do this?

A tankless water heater is an efficient, space saving choice. Water is only heated as needed rather than heating gallons of stored water each time. This saves on your gas or electrical bill. However, going tankless takes more research than going with a conventional water heater. Here are just a few things to take into consideration before making your choice:

Set your expectations – Tankless units must maintain a minimum flow rate to operate, in most cases .6 gallons per minute. This means instead of running small amounts of hot water to do things like shave or rinse dishes, you will need to use more water than you would with a conventional water heater.

Know your water quality – Direct Energy does not recommend the use of tankless water heaters in hard water areas. This is because tankless units are more susceptible to water scaling than conventional water heaters. The harder the water, the more scaling occurs. Calculate your hot water needs – You will need to install a unit that can meet your hot water needs. For a family of four with two full bathrooms you might be looking at a high-capacity tankless heater that can provide multiple facilities with hot water simultaneously.

I posted an article on tankless water heaters on Dave’s Corner in November, take a look for more information,



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4 Responses to “Tankless Water Heater Question”

  1. Max Kirschner says:

    I am also a homeowner who rents a hot water tank from Direct Energy.

    What are the benefits of a tankless water heater? (Family of 3 with 2 full bathrooms, a powder room and a dishwasher… can the tankless system work for us?)

    Looking forward to your feedback.
    Thanks, MAX

  2. kelly says:

    I need a new water heater would like someone to call wed or fri 8am-10am or leave a number and I’ll get back

    • Dave says:

      Hi Kelly,

      I’ve forwarded your request on to our team who will be contacting you. If for some reason you don’t hear from them, please give us a call at 1-800-266-3939 and we will be happy to set up an appointment for you.


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