One of the hottest topics I’ve dealt with recently – Humidifiers


I’ve received many questions this winter about humidifiers.  What the right setting should be?  Is it set too high, too low?   How to tell if it’s working properly, not working at all, etc.  While every home is different and there’s no exact answer, here are a collection of responses that you may find helpful.

First, I highly recommend getting a hygrometer that will measure the moisture content in a room.  They are inexpensive and very useful in figuring out the humidity in your home.  If you adjust your humidifier and don’t see a change on your hygrometer it might mean that the humidifier isn’t working.


You can also take a look at your windows to see how much moisture (if any) is on them.  If there is condensation you will most likely want to turn your humidifier down.


If you touch someone and you get nasty static shocks then it’s time to turn the humidifier up.

Keep in mind that every home is different and it can be affected by how many people live there, how many showers are taken, the amount of laundry done and more.  Even how many times an exterior door opens can affect it.

So what is the right setting?  According to NrCan, humidity levels above 20% will make the air feel warmer and more comfortable while levels over 40% can cause frosting and fogging of windows, staining of walls and ceilings and more.

It may be a bit of trial and error to get the setting you are looking for and of course it will change depending on the temperature outside.  In the end though, it’s totally worth it for your comfort.

If you are having problems with your humidifier, just give us a call at 1-800-266-3939.

I hope this helps you have a more comfortable winter.


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6 Responses to “One of the hottest topics I’ve dealt with recently – Humidifiers”

  1. tom manning says:

    Having purchased a brand new extraordinarily priced furnace and A,C. unit complete with a humidifier in 2010 I have one nagging item.The filter for the humidifier is impossible to purchase I.E. THE CORRECT SIZE;THERE WAS NO INFO WHATSOEVER;ALSO ONLY ONE PERMANENT FILTER FOR THE FURNACE ;THIS LEAVES ONE WITH MORE PURCHASING OF FILTERS.Any answers would be appreciated Yours Tom

    • Dave says:

      Hi Tom,

      You should have rec’d this email below yesterday but I wanted to post it for anyone else that may have similar concerns. Thanks for your questions. Dave

      I am sorry to hear that you are having concerns with your humidifier pads and furnace filter. Hopefully I can assist.
      If the humidifier was installed by Direct Energy then the likely model is either a White Rodgers HFT2100 or 2700. The number should be visible somewhere on the unit. We purchase filters for these units as well as direct our customers of these units to Filter King for replacement pads and filters. They can be reached at 1-866-998-9909 or at Filter King will take your order and have the replacement shipped directly to your home. The part numbers are as follows:

      HFT2100: PAD AO4-1725-052
      HFT2700: PAD AO4-1725-051

      As for the furnace filter: you mentioned “permanent” filter in your email so I would assume that the type you have in your furnace is a 1” Electrostatic filter. This type of filter is removable, washable, and re-usable and depending on your house conditions (pets, dust, etc) as well as the cleanliness of your ductwork (should be cleaned every 3-5 years depending on the presence of pets etc) typically will last at least 7 years with proper maintenance. If that filters is seeming to degrade over time it can be replaced as well through Filter King. When replacing your filter you will need to know the dimensions to properly order. The most common size is 16 x 25 x 1” however please measure yours prior to ordering.

      If you do not have this type of filter please reply back with any further questions. If possible include a picture of your filter and the filter cabinet (where it is installed) and hopefully I can assist further!

      • Lynda Mahaffy says:

        With regard to purchase of filters for humidifiers,is the info you stated also for installations made by Direct Energy in August of 2014 as well?

  2. rose says:

    I have a Lennox high effeciency furnace with a 4-5″ filter that I need to replace and purchase each year from Service Experts for about $50. Do you carry them and can I buy it from you?

    • Dave says:

      Hi Rose,

      Unfortunately we don’t sell filters however we know of Filter King who can be reached at at 1-866-998-9909 or at I hope that helps.


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