Do you need your ducts cleaned?

DC - Mouse

Top 5 Quick Hints and Tips a Duct Cleaning may be required




1. Pull up a vent cover and look inside. This is the easiest way to see the dirt and debris that builds up in the registers.

DC - Dust 1

2. Look at the return air registers. If there is a buildup of dust and dirt this is an indicator that a Duct Cleaning is required.

DC - Register - 2

3. Pull the filter. Judging from the condition of the filter that could be a tell tale sign a Duct Cleaning is required.

DC - Filter - 3

4. When you have a furnace maintenance, your technician will tell you about the condition of the furnace compartment. Large amounts of dust and dirt in the motor, fan and components could mean you need a duct cleaning.

DC - Motor - 4DC- Interior - 4

5. A plugged and dirty AC coil is a sign the filter is not working and a Duct Cleaning might be required.

DC - AC Coils - 5Dc - AC Coil - 5

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10 Responses to “Do you need your ducts cleaned?”

  1. Barb Winthrop says:

    Hi, I know I need a duct cleaning. It is an old house, I take care of pets, and it hasn’t been done in years. My dilemma is that I also need to get wiring redone, and therefore drywall patched. I can’t afford the latter now, so I i have been postponing the duct cleaning too, as I know when the drywall is dealt with there will be a lot more dust etc into the ducts. do you think I should just go ahead with the duct cleaning anyways, as it could be years until I can afford the large wire job?

    • Dave says:

      Hi Barb,

      I would suggest you go ahead with the duct cleaning. We can set up monthly payments that will appear on your gas bill too.


  2. Donna pin says:

    i desperatey need too get my ducts cleaned and need a comany who will actually cleans and not the quacks who just use a little pressure and say the ducts are cleaned…Pls recommend a reliable company. Thanks

    • Dave says:

      Hi Donna,
      Don’t fall for the cheap duct cleaning services, ask yourself, how can they do a reasonable job for so little? Give us a call for a free estimate and take a look at some of our duct cleaning videos to see exactly what you’ll get,

  3. Joe Hall says:

    I have an older home & the heat registers are built into the bottom of my walls. I had the ducts cleaned about 4-5 years ago & the company I used was unable to get all the ducts off without damaging them or my baseboard. Is there a way to clean my ducts without causing any damage to registers or baseboard?

    • Dave says:

      Hi Joe,
      Our teams use high-pressure air “guns” that can fit through vents that can’t be removed, so yes, it can be done. I’ve heard of low-cost duct cleaners simply placing large vacuum hoses into vents but this isn’t effective.

  4. elie says:

    hello just wondering how much 6 vents,on an air duct cleaning would be on my house?and what the monthly payments would be?and when do you have specials?

  5. Marie says:

    I need my duct to be clean, but I can’t afford to pay it. would it be possible to include it in my monthly bill?



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