How homeowners can save more than $600 annually on their energy costs

Making energy efficient home updates this summer can make a big difference on annual energy bills.  By performing five energy efficient upgrades around the house, such as sealing leaks and topping up insulation, we calculated that Ontario homeowners could save more than $600 on their combined energy bills annually— a much-needed savings now that electricity during […]

We Are Now EnerCare!

Did you know

On October 20, 2014, Direct Energy’s Ontario home services business was acquired by EnerCare Home and Commercial Services Limited Partnership (“EnerCare Home Services”) to create a single Canadian company, EnerCare Home Services.

Icicles aren’t so pretty if your home is at risk of Ice Damming

It’s the middle of winter, it’s cold outside and you discover water dripping on your floor.  Your roof is fairly new so how can water be getting in especially when it’s freezing outside?

One of the hottest topics I’ve dealt with recently – Humidifiers

I’ve received many questions this winter about humidifiers.  What the right setting should be?  Is it set too high, too low?   How to tell if it’s working properly, not working at all, etc.  While every home is different and there’s no exact answer, here are a collection of responses that you may find helpful.

Carbon Monoxide – Some sobering facts

For everyone who has been following my blog for the last few years, you’ll know I’ve mentioned how dangerous carbon monoxide is. But did you know…

Don’t get stuck in the cold. Steps to take when your furnace breaks down.

ice damming

We’ve been experiencing frigid temperatures this winter and the cold weather shows no sign of slowing down. When the mercury dips, that’s often when furnaces have issues or break down. Last winter in Ontario, when the temperature fell below -15°C, we saw a steep increase in heating system calls compared to days when the temperature […]

Carbon Monoxide poisoning and how to stay safe

  Know the symptoms

What to do when your carbon monoxide alarm beeps

(NC) – You may find them annoying, but the beeps emitted from your carbon monoxide and combination smoke/CO alarms are really just doing their job: protecting your life.

Make a ‘silent killer’ noisy

(NC) The first-annual Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week begins on November 1, reminding Ontarians that having a functioning carbon monoxide (CO) alarm can help save lives. Before this week arrives, there are steps you can take now to ensure your families are kept safe this winter.

Dave Walton’s “Turkey” Tip of the Week

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