Home Safety

Gas fireplaces too hot for tots

  Every year, children are burned from contact with the glass barrier at the front of a gas fireplace. Statistics show that contact burns – injuries sustained when a part of the body touches a hot object – are the second leading cause of burns in children.                 […]

Going South? Some tips for homeowners planning to be away for the winter.

Many Canadians head south to warmer temperatures this time of year so I wanted to provide some helpful tips for snowbirds while they are away.              

What to do during a power outage

Power outage

With the recent storms ripping through Ontario and the huge temperature drops we say across the country I thought it would be good to remind people of these helpful tips during a power outage.

Helpful tips for Frozen Pipes

  We have been receiving many calls about frozen pipes so we pulled together some helpful tips.  

Did you know that the improper use of space heaters is one of the leading causes of fires and carbon monoxide exposure in homes and cottages?

Space heaters are a handy way to add a little extra warmth to one corner of the house without turning up the furnace. But space heaters can be a hazard if used improperly. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and these safety tips to stay safe and warm:

Carbon Monoxide in your Home – Ontario’s New Carbon Monoxide Alarm Law

Carbon Monoxide detector

The Ontario legislature recently passed a bill mandating carbon monoxide alarms in homes with gas appliances and/or an attached garage. The law, expected to be in place before the end of 2013, will be enforced by local fire departments and penalties will be similar to those related to smoke detectors. At Direct Energy, we support […]

It’s Black Friday! Some Important Safety Tips For You.

Today is “Black Friday” for our neighbours (or neighbors) south of the 49th parallel so I thought I would share these shopping safety tips.  I’ve been shopping for gifts already and have noticed the crowds are increasing at the mall, and yes, I shop for gifts at the mall for my loved ones, I don’t […]

DIY Furnace Maintenance? No, Call a Professional.


To keep your home heating system working the way it should this season there are actions that you as the owner can take, but there are things that need to be performed by a professional. Check out this list courtesy of the Technical Safety and Standards Association to see what you should do on your […]

Safety Alert: Be Safe While “Falling Back” with the End of Daylight Saving Time

I wanted to share this great post from our Health and Safety team at Direct Energy. Early Sunday morning we turned our clocks back one hour for the end of Daylight Saving Time.  Most of us thought: “Fantastic! I got another hour of sleep” and yes we did, perhaps.  However, there is a huge difference […]

Happy Halloween! Some Great Safety Tips


I’d like to thank the Technical Standards and Safety Authority for this great safety information just in time for Halloween.  If you and your family celebrate Halloween, make it a safe and happy event for everyone. Halloween should be filled with surprise and enjoyment, and following some common sense practices can keep the festivities safer […]

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